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Well, another year has sped by faster than I can possibly comprehend. Perhaps many of you are feeling the same way, but as time goes by ever faster with increasing technology, athletic, or academic activities, careers working us harder than ever, many working more than one job to make ends meet, summertime is a time to slow down and reflect on how some of the greatest principles in life are the simple ones. The following is an excerpt from the great Mort Crim.

In this age of super hype when every new product or events touted as the greatest—that term understandably sparks skepticism.

But despite its overuse, Jack Yianitsas offers some principles for success that just may be the greatest. He claims:

  • The greatest crippler is fear.
  • The greatest mistake? Giving up.
  • The greatest fool? The person who lies to himself.
  • The greatest blessing? Good health.
  • The greatest certainty? Change.
  • The greatest play? Successful and satisfying work.
  • The greatest gamble? Substituting ignorance for fact.
  • The greatest victory? Victory over self.
  • The greatest opportunity? The next one.
  • The greatest handicap? Egotism.
  • The greatest loss? Self-confidence.
  • The greatest joy? Being needed.
  • The greatest sin? Gossip
  • The greatest need? Common sense
  • The greatest thought? Kindness.

There’s a huge difference between good, sound principles and principles that simply sound good. As you enjoy the slowdown of summer, please remember to reflect on the simple things and enjoy your time off with your families and friends.

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Educationally yours,

Matthew A. Guinn